This function converts data from a tbl_df() format into a xts format. Note that the dataframe must be a data.frame or tbl_df, and either the first column must be a valid date column, or there must be one column named date, Date or DATE to order by. tbl_xts also allows the user to specify the columns to be transformed to xts, as well as an option for spreading by a single character or factor type column. See the example for details.

tbl_xts(tblData, cols_to_xts, spread_by, spread_name_pos)



A tbl_df type dataframe


Specify the columns to be converted to xts format. If not provided, it will by default transform all numeric columns to xts.


A character or factor type column used to create xts series by. See example.


Add the column name of the column used to spread_by as a Suffix, Prefix or None. Defaults to Suffix (puts spread_by name at end of colname, separated by an underscore).


A xts dataframe, with columns xts series ordered by the first (date) column.


if (FALSE) { library(dplyr) library(tbl2xts) data(TRI) tbl_xts(tbl2xts::TRI, cols_to_xts = TRI, spread_by = Country) # tbl - xts - tbl: tbl_xts(tbl2xts::TRI, cols_to_xts = TRI, spread_by = Country) %>% xts_tbl() }